Meet Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the pillars of Make-A-Wish® Philippines. The organization has only one paid full-time staff and everyone else are proud volunteers. A volunteer Board of Trustees governs the Foundation. Together, we have made magical wishes come true with more than 300 volunteers since 1999.

The whole wish process is transformational not just for the Wish Children and Wish Families but to everyone involved, including our tireless volunteers. A regular volunteer becomes a member of the different teams such as Wish Referral, Wish Granting, Communications, Fundraising and Admin Support.

Here are some of our volunteers sharing with us how they help:


“There’s always an unexplainable spark that ignites in my heart whenever I see a child laugh or smile. But when I started volunteering for Make-A-WishPhilippines, those sparks grew into fireworks! I think it’s because, I know that for me, a day of volunteering may only be just one day… but for the child whose dream just came true it’ll last his whole lifetime. And that to me, is nothing short of magical.” Dani Mei Everett, Make-A-Wish Volunteer Photographer

I felt magical sparkles burst in me. Adrenalin gushing in ensuring I get the right gift for the right kid. It can’t be just any slippers, it HAS to be “Spider-Man.” I could not settle for anything more or less as I couldn’t upgrade it to shoes because the wish was specific! Doing something so special for someone I have not even met was awesome! It is indeed among my greatest achievements to be a volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation® and I will do it over and over again!” Tess Fajardo, Bank Officer