Even children can help make wishes come true!

With just a little help from teachers and parents, young volunteers can actively take part in planning, raising funds, and granting wishes of kids with (non-contagious) life-threatening medical conditions. Kids can help do it all – from brainstorming fundraising ideas and developing a plan of action, to seeing their idea come to life. Teachers and parents serve as advisors, but ownership of the project belongs solely to the kids (students) involved.

The program is a good model for kids and young adults to learn more about community service and volunteerism, teamwork, entrepreneurship and leadership. What’s more, such project boosts your school spirit, too!

1. Attend the orientation. The Kids-for-Wish-Kids, their parents & school representatives have to attend an orientation conducted by Make-A-Wish® Philippines.

2. Raise funds. The Kids-for-Wish-Kids will raise funds through various activities such as food sales, charity events, sports competitions, merchandising and the like.

3. Plan the surprise wish grant. Based on the amount raised and the special interests & skills of the sponsors, the foundation will match potential wish/es to be granted. The Kids-for-Wish-Kids will organize the wish granting event for the Wish Kid/s they have chosen.

4. Share the power of a wish! The Kids-for-Wish-Kids will get to meet, play with, surprise & witness their Wish Kid’s dream come true!

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